Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

  1. Talk to G
  2. The answer is mogul. I found this out by decoding the tall sign on the ski mt.
  3. pick sled up and go to ski mt.
  4. use sled on test run
  5. crash it on purpose
  6. pick up survival guide. It is to the right of the crash site
  7. also pick up the rope from behind snowpile
  8. go to far right of screen and go forarwd to a FRUITLESS bush
  9. grab the ski
  10. go to the right of screen and toward a stump
  11. click on a puffle
  12. now go to the bush with fruit
  13. grab some berries and go back to stump
  14. feed the gray puffle a berry
  15. go to right of screen and toward the cave
  16. go left toward the river
  17. combine: ski, rope, and berry to make a fishing pole
  18. hold on water and catch a fish
  19. on the right side of the screen, garb the log
  20. go into the cave
  21. click a rock
  22. put log in the pit
  23. use the survival guid FROM YOUR INVENTORY as tinder
  24. use the puffle to light the fire, by using a berry
  25. go  back to the berry bush
  26. on the right click the tree with the stump a few times
  27. grab the pot and fill it up by the river
  28. go to the cave
  29. boil the water and cook the fish
  30. you go to sleep and wake up
  31. go out of the cave
  32. you win

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